Saturday, February 18, 2012

One foot in front of the other

A few weeks ago I started running again. Most folks probably call jogging, as my pace is closer to speed walking than sprinting. Running brings up memories of high school cross-country, memories which are etched into my mind from the pain and nausea. I joined cross-country to train for basketball season. Running was my enemy, I hated practice. But little by little, I improved and even started to enjoy it. I also gained little tidbits of advice on technique, which echo in my head every run I go on. To this day, whenever I hit an incline I can hear my coach telling me to just focus on the putting one foot in front of the other - "knees up and arms pumping!" Encouraging me to keep my eyes on the next step, not beyond that.

These words of advice were on repeat last week as ran through Hendricks Park, a favorite urban jungle of mine. On one particular hill, through trail and error, I've noticed if I try to keep my eye on the prize - the top of the hill - I tend to feel discouraged and succumb to exhaustion. But, if I just look down at my feet and focus on the present then I can push through. 

You saw this coming - the application of this advice to my life - I tend to get pretty caught up in planning. I did get a minor in city planning after all, but I also am constantly planning events, planning adventures, planning the next step of my life. But at the moment, I'm recognizing a huge importance on focusing on the now: taking advantage of thirty minutes of blue sky, seizing the day,  letting go of productivity as the only means to happiness, and dismissing that nagging voice asking me - where will you be living six months? What will you be doing?

I'm on a flat spot now, the going is pretty manageable, enjoyable even. Looking ahead I see an  incline, with no summit in sight. Remembering the advice of my coach, I'm going to take this on one step at a time.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What is your repurpose here? Episode 1, by Sreang "C" Hok

My housemate C is a photographer and spends his days working on a slew of multimedia projects for publications. Here's one he completed recently about my experience picking up food by bike once a week for our student cooperative house. Enjoy!